Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Believe

Does Jesus REALLY love me? With what kind of love does He love me? With an everlasting love? It will never end or fail. He will love me and grace me into the image of Jesus. He is a spring of water in me, welling up to eternal life. My love is His love. When someone rejects me, they reject Him. I am an ambassador for Jesus. I am a little child. I am Jesus' Daddy's child. He is very very fond of me. Sometimes He gets so full of pride over the great work His Son did for me that He just jumps into the air and twirls around and starts singing so loud. His heart is filled with joy because I am finally His through the Cross of His Son. He loves me because I have believed and loved His Son. He made His home with me. I am in Him and He is in me. We're one. Never to be separated again.

When Jesus loves me, it's because He loves me.

If you had a husband who bought you jewelry in order to get you to do something for him, is that really love? Isn't that a selfish motive? God gives without expecting anything in return.

Jesus took our punishment in full and we have the love of God handed to us, free for the taking. "All sins and blasphemies will be forgiven the children of man. " Just take it. Will you believe this? "When the Son of Man returns will He really find faith on the earth?" Ah...My brother or sister...Jesus loves you more than you can imagine.

If you are not a Christian but have stumbled on this blog, it isn't for nothing. God meant you to read this. He entreats you to come inside the to party so that He can love you. He pleads with you to come in and let Him love on you through His Son, Jesus. Jesus has taken away the judgment against you. No amount of begging, crying, pleading, or trying to be good can save you. The entire work has been done. Now He dares you to believe it. That is your job. It isn't a trick.

One reason I love the movie the Polar Express is because of the message in the song, "You can ride for free and join the fun, if you just say yes." Repent and believe. Repent of your skepticism, repent of your unbelief and repent of wondering, 'is this too good to be true?'. This isn't a trick. God entreats you through His sons and daughters to believe and to receive this great gift of Jesus. It isn't about being good. No one is good. This is about faith. Do you believe or do you not? "The fearful and unbelieving will their their part in the lake of fire."

"My righteous one shall live by faith, and if he shrinks back, My Soul has no pleasure in him."

God has done everything for you. There is no excuse. Just believe.


jul said...

Beautiful. You have come a long long way since I first started reading your blog! (Hopefully I have too haha) Your faith is becoming deeply rooted in grace, in Jesus and his work and now you are helping others to become deeply rooted in grace. I love your preaching!

Leonard said...

Don't need no credit card to ride that train ?

Thanks for sharing your journey.

ps. I love your hair cut, got one just like it.

Grace always Leonard

Matthew Daelon said...

Thank you, Julie. You're so kind.

I LOVE your warrior attitude for grace. You don't take no crap! I love reading your blog. I am always threatened with grace by you. It's amazing.

No credit card at all, Leonard. No hidden fees! :)

Haha, thank you. I like it because it's a lot cheaper than paying 15 bucks for a haircut. Just whip out the clippers and the problem is solved. ;)

Leonard said...

Check out today's audio file @ a-branch.

the clippers I bought paid for themselves many many times, I think they were between 10 and 15 bucks at mijers when I got em...

Anonymous said...

Matthew, I loved that post, really good news to hear. What you said about God dancing over us reminds me of Isaiah 62:5 which says,
"as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you." Thanks for sharing.