Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God is the Judge of Christians

I don't care much for politics and I don't believe Christians should get bent out of shape over them either, since our citizenship isn't in the world, but in heaven.

But it does aggravate me to see America trying to apologize to everyone, so concerned about what the nations think of them.

I see it in the Church as well - everyone is scrambling to apologize to atheists and godless people who try to tell us how bad we are, and with weak consciences, we believe them.

Church, you are the spotless bride of Jesus Christ. He has made you beautiful. If you yourself have done something stupid, then apologize. But if not, then to hell with what people say. Are unbelievers to judge believers? I think not.

God is our judge. And since he is our Father and our Husband, I'd say you have a pretty good chance of approval. Furthermore, once you put your faith in Christ, you pass out of judgment and into Life.

There is no judgment for you, child of God.

Let no one defile your conscience.

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lydia said...

Amen, lil bro...........

I see you are a Cranberries fan, aaaah brings back some sweet memories!!!!