Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speaking of the Early Church

If you were a Christian you were pretty well signing up for some kind of martyrdom, you certainly had to have a martyr’s mind. They would not have gotten very far in those days with ‘If you want joy, peace, health and healing come to Jesus.' It was rather ‘If you want to be thrown to the lions, lose your job lose your house, come to Jesus.' - Malcolm Smith


Joel B. said...

oh yeah oh yeah!

Matthew Campbell said...

That's what I say! I'm so blasted sick of hearing about health and prosperity that I could hurl.

John Fincher said...

I've wondered about this too, Matthew. Yes, the early Christians DEFINITELY had to give up something to follow Jesus - not us, though. We worship in nice, clean, air-conditioned, pre-planned, sound-systemed auditoriums. THEY got burned alive (can you think of anything worse?) or eaten by lions (again, I say...). WE might be shunned or (gasp) our freaking REPUTATION might be impugned. Ugh.