Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Foundation

Sometimes I feel important and special when I understand certain parts of the Bible and others don't. It's silly, I know. But I really feel that way sometimes. Especially when it comes to people whom I consider to be legalistic. I enjoy seeing the expression that comes from receiving new revelation from the Scriptures. It sort of aggravates me when people question it, but then again, I'd rather them question and search to Bible to see if what I say concerning God's grace is true or not. I'd rather not have anyone rely on what sounds nice, but on what is true.

I was slow to believe the absurdity of grace. So were the Berean Christians that we talk so much about. It's said that they "diligently searched the Scriptures to see if these things were so." It sounds too good to be true to us, so we need confirmation.

"If anyone's will is to do God's will he will know whether the teaching is from God."

I totally relate.

I don't care how pretty your reasoning sounds, I wanna see it in the Scriptures! PROVE it to me! You can talk and talk about your understanding of God and his love, but until you prove it to me from the Bible, it means diddly squat to me. I rarely get excited when people tell me about God's grace and love but fail to mention any Scriptures. I hate that. It's grace without truth, even though the grace they speak may be true. I would like to hear it from Jesus Christ or his Apostles. Your opinion means nothing to me. Your opinion is speculation. My faith cannot be based on speculation and opinion.

But then, I don't always understand everything the Scriptures say.

But I can say that after receiving so much revelation, you learn to settle down and wait for more revelation. You know that truth cannot contradict itself and that if grace is true, then it must be grace, and grace alone with no sugar added. The Gospel is sweet enough by itself. It doesn't need a balance of any sort. Once you balance the Gospel, it becomes unbalanced.

"God is an extremist." - Rob Rufus

It's either the law of God without any hint of the grace of God or grace without any hint of law.

Jesus told one of his Churches that he wanted them either hot or cold. Now we would say, "Surely he doesn't want me cold!" Not necessarily...

"Would I that you were hot or cold! But because you are lukewarm, (balanced?) I will spit you out of my mouth."

If I don't understand a certain Scripture, it's no matter to me; I understand the truth and am competent enough to know that truth cannot contradict itself. It cannot be grace and works. So I rest in what revelation I have received and not in revelation I have not received. I am not called to understand everything and then have faith, but to have faith regardless.

I am not called to see and then believe, but to believe in order to see.

Once you take hold of grace and believe it, I would venture to say it is impossible to go back to a lifestyle of balance. If I know the truth that through my trust in Christ I cannot be condemned, then how can I be afraid? I can't be scared even if I would like to be!

I know the truth now: "None shall make them afraid."

When one dies to the law in order to be married to Christ, for a long time it can throw off your spiritual equilibrium. When the fear of condemnation is no longer my foundation or motivation, it can be a difficult process of learning to rely on the love of God. What is to be my motivation now that I know for certain I am accepted by God? The chains are gone and I am free - now what? I've finally arrived at the place, that for so long I have struggled to reach, now what do I do? I've got the righteousness that I've hungered and thirsted for in the wilderness of sin and death. Now what becomes my motivation for living a godly life?

"And he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised." - (2 Corinthians 5:15)

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Joel B. said...

Cool beans! Yeah, it takes a while to become rooted and established in the right foundation. It can be quite the rough experience! But oh so worth it.

Just to share my own thoughts on your last question, I think that "what do I do now?" is answered with the same thing as before. Rest, Trust, Abide, etc. The motivation never changes. It's His life and His grace in us from start to eternity. :)

Kap and I have recorded a few programs that will air soon, about the Law. We then posed this same question at the end of the last one that we recorded. "What is our motivation to live a godly life?" (Or something like that). I think the direction we're both planning on going with that is talking about resting and abiding, and about how His divine life and His love and grace are the motivation for everything.

All I know is that as we grow in grace, and get further established in His love, there is no shortage as to how His life is expressed. :)