Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Airborne ADD

Things are still unorganized spiritually. I'm trying to let Jesus change me, but I just cannot concentrate. I noticed I'm shy sometimes and probably seem rude to people. But it's honestly because I have no social skills. I try to avoid eye contact or greeting someone I know in public. I just never know what to say.

On a lighter note, mom and I have started school again to get my GED, or, as Chris Rock once said: "Good Enough Diploma".

I forgot how much it hurts to sit in a desk for a few hours. I've also realized how terrible I am at math. Terrible seems to sugar coat it. I'm pretty good at English though. So I have no worries about that.

I'm very "out of it" lately in everything. I forget things, I can't focus, I goof off, I drive myself completely insane. I feel like I caught airborne ADD or something.

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