Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Watchman Nee

I took this from Steve McVey's book, "Grace Amazing".

"Watchman Nee once asked a class of children, 'Who is a sinner?' and their immediate reply was, 'One who sins.' He responded, 'Yes, one who sins is a sinner, but the fact that he sins is merely the evidence that he is already a sinner; it is not the cause. One who sins is a sinner, but it is equally true that one who does not sin, if he is of Adams race, is a sinner too, and in need of redemption. Do you follow me? There are bad sinners and good sinners, there are moral sinners and there are corrupt sinners, but they are all alike sinners.' "

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Delany said...

Hey Matthew. This quote is taken from Watchman Nee's book The Normal Christian Life. Read it years ago and picked it up again several days ago. In the opening of that book Nee says "God makes it quite clear in His Word that He has only one answer to every human need -- His Son, Jesus Christ. In all His dealings with us He works by taking us out of the way and substituting Christ in our place. "