Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meer Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

My personal favorite was the ceiling fan. ;)


Grace Walker said...

LOL, that was GREAT!!! The ceiling fan was fantastic but I also loved the one that got into the fish bowl. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! (I never say that).

You don't know how much that had me ROFLing... literally! I have a penchant for funny cat videos, and I end up HURTING every time I watch them!

My kids just came down here and we watched this video together and they were also ROFLing like never before. :D

Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Oh Boy! Thats was so funny! The ceiling fan one was hilarious.

We never had pets at our home but I love them. My daughter is crazy about any pets especially dogs. She has at least 12-15 stuffed dogs. She has been whining a lot to get a real dog and finally we went and adopted one puppy last week. Oh my! now we are taking care of three kids including this puppy! we are less experienced puppy owners and struggling to train her. But she is fun though. Perhaps I will have some funny videos in the future :)

Daelon said...

Yo peoples,

I love these kinds of video montages from AFV and stuff like that. The cats are by far the most hilarious animal God made. Other than watching people ride emu's. Thats hilarious too. I'm glad your kids got a kick out of it, Joel. The first time I watched that AFV cat montage I nearly peed on myself laughing so hard.

Bino, I feel for you man. I despise having dogs in my house..I don't much mind cats because they instinctively use the litter box. But dogs are a whole'nother story. I'd rather have sextuplets....scratch that.

Dogs are really good outside if you have a big fenced in yard or something. But inside, I couldn't handle it. I have no patience training dogs or cleanin' up dog poop.