Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Reality Of Hell

I am concerned for some believers today because a lot of them seem to excuse hell and brush it off.

Even in the book "The Shack" it's written that judgment is "not for punishment" but for "righting wrongs" or something like that. While it is a good book, I do have a major problem with that. Why? Because it's just not true. For the believer, there is no condemnation assuredly. But there is a hell. It is literal. I highly doubt Jesus would lie when He said there is a lake of fire that burns forever.

The reason I believe in hell is not because I want to. It's because it's real. Jesus said it is. The false new age belief that hell is some sort of place for purification or whatever is ridiculous. If hell purifies, then why did Jesus die? If hell can save me, what need do I have for Jesus? What a ridiculous lie.

Hell is a real place Jesus said. It is a literal lake of fire, whether you want to believe it or not. I don't like it anymore than anyone else, but it scares me when people, especially believers say there is no hell or hell is some sort of place thats not meant for punishment, but correction. Do you know why it scares me? Because hell is real and telling people there is no hell is not helping that person at all.

I don't like the topic of hell at all. I hate to think about it. But it's the truth.

Of course, non of us have to go there. Jesus came to save us!!!! We just need to freely receive His righteousness in His death, burial and resurrection from the dead!! He has promised to save anyone who comes to Him. He also said that whoever comes to Him He will NEVER cast out!! So receive Jesus Christ! Receive the abundance of grace and the FREE GIFT of righteousness!!

To paraphrase the writer of Hebrews...If you thought it was bad for those who rejected the Law, think how bad it will be for those who have rejected God's own Son!! He offers His love freely to anyone who receives it! How great a punishment do you think will be deserved by the one who rejects so great a salvation?


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Judgment of believers is a matter of celebration where our works (In fact Christ's works in and through us, not our own dead works) are rewarded.
The fact is God is not sending anyone to hell. They go themselves unless they choose life because they are born dead spiritually in to the world. God wants everybody to be saved and He makes a provision for it but still we have a choice to make.

Only Look said...

Good post brother. Satan prepared hell for the devil and His angels. We have not been appointed to wrath and He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance of their dead works and trust in the Saviour receiving life.

Hey maybe you shouldnt be so hard on yourself about the work thing. I dont know your situation. You have a handicap...hey maybe God wants you to write a book or something. There are other areas to be profitable where you have gifts, it may not be necessary for you to get on the assembly line...only God knows. I will pray for you.

Love in Christ and grace upon grace,