Sunday, January 13, 2008

Roller Coaster Of Love

Aren't I just a bundle of contradictions? Tonight, my brother Brian encouraged me in the grace of God and my heart was filled overflowing with the grace and love of God that truly cannot be measured or fathomed in the least. I am like a sippy cup overflowing after being submerged into the ocean of God's grace and love in His Son Jesus Christ the Righteous.

We cannot fathom the love and joy we will have at His return. His free gift of limitless grace and righteousness does more than cover us. It makes us completely new from the inside out. A new creation indeed.

Christ was tortured and crucified for me. They buried Him, but He was raised from the dead with Holy Spirit power.

The doubts and confusion make it so sweet when the love of God washes over you.

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Only Look said...

Praise God...hallelujah!