Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Shack

I'm nearly done reading The Shack now and I've enjoyed it very much!! I couldn't put it down today. It is very well articulated in the subject of living by Christ's life (which I'm still trying to figure out how to live myself) and living in freedom.

Go pick it up!!!

Edit: Finished it tonight! It was a very good ending I thought. A good ending for a good story.


Grace Walker said...

That's awesome, Matthew! I have the book but haven't read it yet. I like how you describe it.

Hey, thanks for posting on my blog! I'll hopefully get something posted pretty soon over there, lol.

Daelon said...

Read it!! I hope to finish it today. It's very good.

Anonymous said...

With so many people recommending it, and now with you being near to finishing it and recommending it, I MUST get this book! :)

Grace Walker said...

I agree with you Joel. I've had it for a few months but with Matthew commenting and recommending it, I know it will be good.