Thursday, January 17, 2008


I feel pathetic for admitting this, but I have never had a job.

Lately I have been feeling anxious in this area of my life. I'm not sure what kind of job to get or how long I would be able to work. I feel like a lazy bum not working. The truth is is that I need disability. I don't have insurance and I'm not exactly sure how long this prosthetic is going to hold out. A prosthesis normally lasts around 5-6 years before it starts breaking down. I've had this one since 2002. I had the foot since then updated, but thats been a few years back as well.

The truth is is that it's my fault for not having a job. I'm so afraid that I lack the assertiveness I need to get the things I need to get done, done.

I'm just venting out frustration at the moment. Hopefully I'll do this less and less. ;)

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Only Look said...

You are not able to get disability. I reckon you live with your folks now?