Monday, July 30, 2007


I just love how the Holy Spirit in Acts describes Stephen as full of grace and power. Makes me realize that grace and the power of God in someones life is completely shut off once you introduce ANY shoulds or should nots to the gospel. Don't be a coward and run to the law. Run to Jesus. Receive the abundance of grace.

I used to get afraid when I read in Revelation that it's the cowards and unbelieving who go into the lake of fire. I always thought it meant being timid, afraid to witness, afraid to do whatever for Jesus. But now I see it refers to lack of trust in the gospel by adding to it. And when you add to it, you take away from it. Adding to the gospel, takes away from it. It also quenches the Spirit. Because the Spirit can only operate in grace, because we cannot deserve it. You want to be close to God? Then receive the pure gospel of grace. You want to feel His presence? You want His joy? Surrender to grace. If not, then keep trying harder to recharge your spiritual battery. You will just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the quick sand of religion the more you struggle. "Whoever would save his life will lose it."

It's a load of BS that you're recognized as a Christian today by reading the Bible, how much you tithe, bless your food, or because you don't smoke, drink or cuss or whatever have you. What a ridiculous concept. It glories in self and subtracts from the cross. It doesn't have to be the Ten Commandments to be law. It can be any have to's in order to gain spiritual growth or salvation or drawing closer to God. That says Christ didn't do enough. Let's quit being so blind and open our hands to grace and see if you don't have a renewed love for God.

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