Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Brick In The Wall

This song reminds me so much of Jesus' words in Matthew 23. He spoke of Israel's teachers shutting up the kingdom in peoples faces.

Jesus always referred to his disciples as little children. So to me, this is Jesus yelling at those so called 'teachers' to leave his children alone.

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that the majority of metal singers who sing of their hate of God, do so simply because they don't know him. And it doesn't help the situation when there are so many 'teachers' who profess to know God and insist on teaching the blind about someone they themselves have never met or trusted. So when I hear people lashing out against God in song, they are really lashing out at the god they have imagined in their own ignorance and in the ignorance of those 'teachers'.


Joel B. said...

How nice... this church has overhead lyrics to the worship songs! ;)

Yeah, true, if people knew the real God, they wouldn't be turned off by Him or rebel against Him. And it truly is sad that there are all too many 'teachers' out there who are presenting such a terrible view of God.

Aida said...

Good point, Matthew. If those teachers really knew the heart of God, they never would say the terrible things that they say about him.