Thursday, April 9, 2009

I went in to work this morning and into our second batch, the computer systems crapped out. And so our RF guns didn't work and we couldn't do anything. So they had us stay and wait until 12:00pm to see if they would come back on. 9 hours of doing nothing but cleaning the isles and standing around. 12pm came and we were sent home only to come back tomorrow (Friday). We are not suppose to work Fridays. I was so frustrated and irritated. Today was suppose to be a short day as we had a low volume. Only 16,000 units. Thats about a 5-6 hour work day. We probably would have gotten off at around 10am. Then we were suppose to go home until monday. Now we stayed there 9 hours, and we gotta go back at 3am tomorrow. I just want to moan and groan about it right now. I hate this world's system and I hate it's money. I don't want this world's cares to affect me. I'm angry because I feel like the world is snatching my attention away from Jesus.

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