Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lately I have been listening to the harder music I used to listen to. Not all of it, as a lot of it is very negative and depressing and I sincerely just don't wanna hear it. But for awhile I was a little uncomfortable listening to the harder stuff. It just reminded me of my old life before I was united with God. That was the most dead, dull and pointless existence. Each day was a rummaging through life in the garbage can, trying to find something to ease the gnawing hunger for fulfillment and contentment. It wasn't even fulfillment or contentment I was hungry for. I was hungry for God and fulfillment and contentment come from God.

Anyway, that being said, I just enjoy some of the stuff I used to listen to. I can relate some of it to my relationship with God. But there is still a slight worry in me that thinks maybe I'm losing it. But trying to listen to a certain style of music never made progress for anyone spiritually. Nor will it help me. I don't make progress spiritually, physically. I make progress physically, spiritually. From the inside, out. If the root is good, so is the fruit.

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Jamie said...

>If the root is good so is the fruit.

YES!!! Rest in that, Matthew! :D