Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Divin' In Again

My new job isn't going so well. Today was a bad day and I had to leave early because of pain in my leg. My boss and lead are very helpful and are very willing to work with me in anyway they can. I am very thankful to them. Today they tried putting me into a different place to see if it would help. At first I thought it did. There was not much thinking or stress involved in this place while feeling my leg burn and pound. I hate trying to concentrate when my leg is burning. But there was a lot more lifting, and that eventually took it's toll on my lower back. After I finished my work down stairs, they moved me upstairs which was a LONG walk down the aisle without my cart. With my cart, I still get pain, but I last longer because I'm able to lean on it and take some weight off of my leg with it.

I wanna stick it out as long as I can. Not necessarily for myself, but for the people I work for. They have been so gracious towards me with my condition. The best people you could work for. They really care for their employees. Really. They're always looking out for us, asking us what we would like to change about our workplace and last week they cooked us all hotdogs and bought chips for us for lunch. So I hate to jerk them around about putting me in different places and being unable to tell them how long I will be able to work with them.

I'll dive back in tomorrow.


Cia W said...

Hi there,

I wasn't sure how to send you an email directly so figured I'd leave a comment. 1st - I'm praying for you! Also, I wanted to suggest you might want to look into something that may be helpful for your pain. It's called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. And, it's sometimes helpful for pain, too.

Here's a link to a post I recently made on the EFT forums about how I used it for pain. And since I'm an EFT coach / practitioner I am available to help -- but there's a free manual available on the emofree.com website -- so I'm not 'trolling' for business.

It might help, and can't hurt!

The Lewis Family said...


Joel B. said...

Matthew... praying for ya, bro! I know it ain't always easy.

Bino M. said...

Praying for you, brother!