Sunday, April 12, 2009

If I could have one permanent grace, it would be to remain brokenhearted. For my Jesus, his Gospel and for people. To remember that I am no better than they are and that I am no more lovable by God because of my efforts to avoid sin. Sin never once changed his view of any human. If it had, he would not have endured 33 years on this earth and then allow himself to be of no reputation, was stripped, tortured and crucified. That doesn't seem like a God who hates fags to me.


The Lewis Family said...

I so understand! A while back someone shared a story regarding a homosexual who was so touched by a pastor taking the time to explain things to him and not running away. When I heard that story I cried and cried and cried. I was tasting the brokeness of that person and the amazing love of our God! I so long to be in that place of constantly tasting His heart. Real Life!

Jamie said...

Since all sin was dealt with at the cross, homosexuals are just as reconciled as anyone's not a SIN ISSUE! Life is NOW the issue!