Thursday, April 16, 2009

Self Explanatory

Thirteen Things I Say Every Day

Phrases that are heard repeatedly coming out of my mouth:

1) "That's ridiculous"

2) "I know woman, shut up!" (speaking to the computerized woman in my headset at work)

3) "You stupid..."

4) "...Come on!"

5) "How's it goin', man?"

6) "Peaches!"

7) "You idiot!" (again, at work)

8) "Aggh!"

9) "I'm ready to go!"

10) "Sorry, Father"

11) "Oh, Lord Jesus, help me..."

12) "What batch 'you on?" (at work again)

13) "Oh, really?"

Very nice, huh?

What are common phrases you find yourself using on a daily basis?


Gary Kirkham said...


These are all I could think of:

1. Good morning
2. Did you sleep well?
3. Thank you Jesus
4. That's lunch
5. Have you seen Daniel? (technician at work)
6. Where the hell is Daniel?
7. Ain't that nice (sarcastic)


Matthew Campbell said...

LOL I like your list, Gary. It was tough for me to think of 13 things I say all the time, so I just came up with ones I specifically remember saying more than once recently.

John Fincher said...

1. Did you sleep good?
2. Heard that
3. I know that's real
4. Indoff, this is John
5. Hope you sleep good
6. Hey Scootie
7. Did you make coffee?
8. Do I need to iron anything?
9. I'm going to bed
10. I love you

Matthew Campbell said...

Good to see yours is much more sanctified than mine, John! LOL! I have serious irritability issues.

John Fincher said...

Nah, I'm just an old fart.