Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jesus Works at West Marine

Today was a short day at work as our volume was only 16,000 units. Tomorrow it is likely to be lower. I will not complain. I need a break. The pain in my leg started to come back today and for a while it slowed me down, but then God gave me a little surprise by letting the battery in my computer go dead. When it went dead, I had to walk all the way to the front entrance, (which is a long way away) but then I realized I left my Aspirin in my locker at the entrance and so I was able during work to leave my part of the building and go to the front. Simple things like this just remind me of how absolutely caring my Father is and that he cares for me in my pain and in my circumstances. He seems to be very concerned for me. I think he is quite fond of me.

Also, while I was working, I returned to the non-con desk where I work to get more documents to put in my headset, and when I had gotten there, not everyone had finished the batch I had finished. And so the rule is to help those who haven't gotten their last batch finished before you start a new one. And so the guy who hadn't finished his batch had one document from his batch left. The document had 59 units (a lot) on it and I hesitated to put it into my headset, fearing it would be a bunch of large items which would take a long time to pick. And so I just sort of laid it down and waited for someone else to pick it up (very selfless, huh?). Anyway, a coworker of mine, Earl came by to pick it up and I didn't want to stand there and let him have it since he had done a large document already. So I grudgingly asked him about it, if I could do such a large document and to my dismay he said "yes." Great. Thanks. And so I put it in my headset and went to pick it. Then right before I finished the document, (which wasn't that bad) Earl came walking by me and told me not to worry about my 6th batch, that he had picked it for me. I felt very grateful and like a jerk for almost letting someone else do what I should have done. But I was again reminded of how God causes ALL things to work together for good for those who love him.

You see, the point of what I'm saying isn't that I hesitated to do the document with 59 units. It isn't even that I chose to do it after a second thought. It isn't about ME. It's about how God never leaves me. He is always looking out for me so that I don't need to look out for myself. I'm like Abraham...He has set special favor on me and all his beloved children. God loves everyone to be sure, but there is something about those who count his Son as worthy of their trust that really gets to him. To those who believe He loves them, He is able to show a lot of love to. Because they are willing to receive it.

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