Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lucifer's Flood

I'm reading a new book called, 'Lucifer's Flood' by Linda Rios Brook. I picked it up after reading the back. It's about one thing I've always been fascinated by: The war that broke out between the angels in heaven. In the story, a woman meets this man with these ancient scrolls, older than the Torah. Her job is to translate the scrolls. When she begins to translate, she finds out that it's a kind of diary by one angel that was banished from heaven and he tells the story of the war in heaven and being thrown down to Earth.

It's an interesting read, but not as imaginative as what I was hoping for. I think a medieval fantasy writer would be great at writing a book on this subject. When I think of angels, I may be wrong, but I don't think of them as looking like Conan or Lion-o with 'rippling muscles'. That's just my opinion and it's not primarily what makes the book bad for me. What irritates me is the way God is viewed. He is viewed as love, most definitely, but the writer clearly tries to make a difference between God's holiness and his love. The book portrays him as pretty much a REALLY nice guy until you screw up. And I understand that. I do. We all know God is a God of justice. Sin will be punished and he didn't even spare his own Son when he dealt with our sins.

But my problem is trying to separate God's holiness from his love. I thought his love is what made him holy? I mean, if I were trying to be holy, what would I try to do? I would try to keep the commandments, which, in essence, are an expression of love. I don't believe God is two sided...He even said in Isaiah that he hated the religious crowd's attitude of 'Stay away from me, I am too holy for you.' Yet that's kinda how I feel God is portrayed in this book. I know, I know, They are angels, not humans, so grace is not an option for them for some reason. But it still nags at me.

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