Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"That You May Know What is the Hope to Which He has Called You..."

It is only sometimes that I catch a glimpse of the truth that will eventually turn into reality. I, Matt Campbell, will be glorified with Christ when he returns. When I get those glimpses of glory and understand that it will soon happen to ME, then I understand how ridiculous it is for me to act like someone I am not. IF ONLY people would keep pounding this truth into me and into EVERYONE who belong to Christ of who they are and the certainty of the glory they will have with Christ, regardless of their behavior, then there would be no more need of teaching against sin! People would then realize what the Work of Christ REALLY accomplished for them and they would begin to see the enormous weight of eternal glory and honor that will be fully realized and will come to full fruition at the return of Christ.

In those moments, when I actually sit and think about who I am in Christ and what he has prepared for me, sin literally becomes silly and out of character. This ought to be the focus for the Christian! The Work of Christ, which is FINISHED, should be the focus! Not my sin!

If Christ isn't the focus of your teaching, then save it for someone who gives a *flip*! I could think of other words that would better demonstrate my strong feelings about this, but I will leave the cursing to Jamie since that seems to be her area of expertise. HA! =P

"Sin stains are lost in it's Life giving flow. In the precious Blood of the Lamb!"


Joel B. said...

Yep, yep, yep... rooted and grounded in grace! The more the heart is established in grace, the more our true identity is manifested and the more the old nature, which is gone forever, seems so foreign and disgusting. We truly need to continue to build one another up in our true identity and in God's unconditional love.

Aida said...

Well said, Matthew and Joel. The neat thing is that we can also display his glory right now because he's in us. When we live as who we really are, the more the world will see of his glory and that will attract them more than all of our religious talk.