Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Race of Faith and Weakness

I will always feel urges that are contrary to my true nature. I will always feel those hungers of the flesh. Until Jesus comes to swallow up my mortality with immortality, I will feel the desire to sin.

So why keep feeling so guilty about it? Why act so surprised when you desire something that is sinful? It doesn't surprise the Omniscient One. The Ancient of Days is wiser than you give him credit for.

So if you understand that these urges are inevitable, then why do you sulk with your self-righteous shame? You're a miserable wretch, longing to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, believing it has the ability to make one like God. You know well enough that the Scripture tells of a righteousness from God that has been revealed through faith in Jesus Christ.

We will only ever be like God when we cease trying to be our own hero, and begin to gorge ourselves in the fruit that comes from the Tree of Life. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil looks very appealing, as though it has the ability to make one wise, and it even may have you convinced that it possesses the ability to make you as the Wise.

While the Tree of Life is a very simple looking thing. It's just two wooden beams nailed together. It looks rugged and beaten, and just by looking at it, you would never think it has the ability to make one righteous.

The Gospel is, "Folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God to salvation."

The challenge from God to you is not a challenge of strength, but of daring you to revel in weakness.

The challenge is this:

"I dare you to be crazy enough to trust only in My Jesus".


John Fincher said...

Wow. I don't know how many times I can talk about your wisdom, but there are no other words for it.

I read your two earlier posts, and I am speechless...


Matthew Campbell said...

:) Thanks, John. You sure are an encouragement.

Glad you enjoyed these posts. Lately I've just been in the writing mood. =D

lydia joy said...


DID YOU WRITE THIS? LIL BRO, you sure are blowing me away, it's fun watching you grow in grace and in your understanding!! This blessed me big time!!!

Matthew Campbell said...

Good! I like building myself and others up in grace. It's invigorating!

bino said...

Great post, Matthew! it makes a lot of sense. thank you!