Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

I think some people are annoyed with me. And I am annoyed with myself. For different reasons, of course. Keep in mind, the point of this blog is basically to express my feelings to myself, slow down my mind down and calm my heart. I get so ADD. Not really ADD, but I keep wanting to act the way I used to in little ways. Like getting irritable, (that is my main one) not watching what I'm saying. I'm not having language problems or anything, it's basically me just not thinking before I speak and if I were to keep that up, I would end up saying ridiculous things without noticing.

I get so in the 'I just want to relax' mood that I start to do things that please the flesh and not the spirit. Like spending way too much time watching t.v. or cutting up with mom too much. Not that those things are bad; I just need to learn moderation. I guess I should say it's a balance issue.

Another big problem is self-punishment. I don't realize that I do it, but I do..If I feel like I have sinned or have been living in a way contrary to who I am now, I feel uncomfortable and need to confess it..I'm not saying confession brings about forgiveness. Forgiveness itself, is a moment in time act by Christ's precious death on the cross. I'm just saying sometimes, I tend to punish myself by waiting a while to feel worthy to start being a Christian again. Which contrary to faith. I can't help earn my forgiveness and it hurts a little, but at the same time, it is freeing. It's in my mind somehow that I must suffer or feel a certain amount of guilt before I confess my sins and enter back into fellowship with God, which is entirely false. I am forgiven. There is no in between. You're either forgiven or not forgiven. I need to accept that I can't do anything to earn forgiveness. I am not forgiven because I conjured up enough guilt, remorse, etc. I am forgiven because what Christ has done. The end. To add anything to that is to make it faith plus works. It is sooooooo hard to change your thinking, because my natural mind just wants to help someway. I feel I should be punished, and while I think that, I forget that Jesus was punished in my place and to try and take punishment on myself, takes away from His glory.

How awesome is our Lord Jesus? Give Him "honor and glory forever and ever." Amen.

That kind of forgiveness makes you want to shout and get excited. Accept it. Believe it. Trust it. Don't confuse it. Just have simple faith.

I have also realized that, to some people, I may seem like I am preaching..That isn't it at all. The one thing I stress, when proclaiming the gospel, is that, it's free. That is what I am preaching. I am preaching free tickets to heaven. I have unlimited tickets to give out to any who wants to simply receive them. I pray I don't ever give the idea that you must do something to earn salvation from the penalty of sin. I dare not add one little thing to Christ's death and take away one ounce of His glory. I dare not say because of the change I experienced, that it helps at all in my salvation. The change that has happened in my life is only a result of God opening opening my heart to Him. It has nothing to do with earning or attaining salvation. I don't want to preach a gospel of works. What kind of good news is that? Every religion has works in it. Every religion involves observance to moral law. If that were the "good news", you could go to any religion and find it.

I want to preach Christ crucified. Do not add or subtract ANYTHING to that. To do so is to say Christ's death wasn't sufficient to save you.

To add a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to the gospel of Christ's sacrifice is to say His death wasn't enough to save you.

If people can go to heaven another way, then why did Christ die? Surely, if there were another way, why didn't He just point people towards the other way and spare Himself to humility, suffering and separation from His Father. If the free, wonderful, beautiful message of Christ crucified offends anyone, then let their blood be on their own heads. To receive knowledge of and reject the absolutely free gift of eternal bliss, living with the One True God in eternity is the utmost of evil I would think. "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation."

All I want anyone to do is accept the message of Christ. I want to see them happy, saved, on their way to heaven to be with me, the saints and God forever. Trust Jesus. If you don't want to, fine. I don't get angry when people don't accept the gospel. I get frustrated. I want them to experience true belief in Jesus and absolute assurance of eternity in heaven with Our God.

I'm not directing this toward anyone, I don't remember exactly how I got on this subject.. but I love the gospel. I love it simple, unfiltered and raw. I wouldn't take it any other way. I would dare not say salvation relied on anything I did. To gamble my eternal destiny on how good I have been or have reliance on myself in any way for my eternal dwelling place is a grave, eternal mistake.

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