Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm not really this articulate in person

Currently, my ears are sore from listening to the ipod continuously. I really need to buy some plugs. These huge ear muffs are ridiculous and they hurt after awhile.

I just had some coffee and I am sitting here doing nothing productive. I got a devotional by Don Piper, the guy who wrote 90 Minutes In Heaven (awesome book) and I am just reading random devotions to get a better understanding of his beliefs. He has some very moving words in it. I, in particular, love the fact that he is Baptist. If not for non-denominational, I would definitely be in a Baptist church. Sometimes I feel myself wanting to find a Baptist church. But not the little country ones. I have problems with country stuff. I don't particularly believe in country. nascar, (I refuse to give it the honor of capitalization) and nascar paraphernalia should be considered sinful.

Anyway...I guess I am doing fine today. I would much rather have the ability to fly and get away from the world for a few da...Years. =)

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