Friday, March 16, 2007

Holy is the LORD God almighty

Today was awesome. I was very afraid earlier today before hanging out with my cousin Paul for the first time in a long time. We talked a lot..I look forward to talking a lot more with him.

We went to see Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. It was a good movie apart from being under the air conditioner when it's already like 30 something outside. I had a really good time though.

It was also very humbling to have someone you have betrayed in the worst way, take you to a movie and buy you food. It hurt a little to be honest, but It was amazing to see that kind of forgiveness. He was very respectful and understanding about my faith in Christ which really comforted me..He is the first one to recognize that I am not the person I was which made me extremely happy..I was so glad he could see it. Not so much because I want to say "hey, look at me, I'm a good boy" ...I just hate being associated with the person I used to be.

I was a little excited when he started asking me questions about my faith and it kinda came out like it always this huge, bundled up ball of Christian doctrine. But I tend to talk a little too much when it comes to my faith. I get a little ahead of myself. God has to remind me during those times. I will hear something inside me say "calm down and let him speak".

I'm so thankful for such a beautiful cousin. I can see God working in his heart. I can see God working..I see things unfolding. I still can't make much sense out of somethings, but I see God doing things in different areas of my life. He is so amazing, faithful and wonderful.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. I love you.

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