Saturday, March 31, 2007

heavy heart

My heart has been heavy for my mother lately. I love her very much. She is always in pain..I wish I could take it away or feel it for her. My hearts strong desire is to see her saved. I want to see her life changed. I want to see her at peace. I want her to have peace about death and about life. I want to see her new. I pray for her salvation everyday, but tonight it was heavy on my heart as she was telling me she was in pain.

I wish sin had never happened. I wish my mom didn't have pain. I want her saved. I wouldn't know how to deal with life if she died. I cry thinking about it. I would cry so hard as a kid if she went out for the night. She is precious to me and God knows this. I want Him to act quickly with her and save her if He hasn't already. I want to see her a new creature in Christ.

I would rather die right now than go through the pain of her death. I don't want her to fear death. I want her to trust with all her heart in Christ and have the peace I have about death. Death is nothing if you only receive and trust in Christ Jesus. I just want her to do that. Sometimes I find it hard to have faith when I pray everyday for it and she is still hurting.

I want to see my mother apart of our family in Christ. I want her to see, feel and experience what I have experienced. The love and joy of Christ and love for the saints. It is so free..I just want her to be at peace and saved without a doubt in her mind.

"If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe (trust) in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you shall be saved."

No more, no less.

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