Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Everything is Ready

I want to suggest a scary thing for the average Christian.

Unbelievers are made righteous. I'm not talking about universalism, I despise universalism.

I'm saying what Jesus has already said in the parable of banquet, that everything is now ready. The good news is sinners, unbelievers, you're NOT condemned. People who don't believe in Jesus and who aren't able to keep the ten commandments, YOU'RE NOT CONDEMNED. Jesus is daring you to trust that. I dare you to believe that Jesus Christ loves you and accepts you because He has reconciled you to God. I dare you to trust in God's unconditional love and to reject anything you thought you knew or anything you have heard from Christian preachers.

Unbelievers, sinners, drunks, people who cuss, people who watch porn, God isn't condemning you or preventing you from coming to Him. He has already bridged the gap through Jesus Christ. I dare you to believe that. This means heaven is bought and paid for and you can live for eternity.

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