Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hard Grace

Again, today, I was reading Joel Brueseke's blog and in one post, he mentions what 2nd Corinthians says about believers in Jesus. That we have, that I have God's righteousness. The supreme of the supreme, there is no fuller acceptance than the quality of acceptance of God's very own acceptance of Himself. Did you catch that? I hope so.

It is amazing what we have been given freely, without cost. I just wanted to share that.

My day so far has been decent. Standing in God's grace is always invigorating, renewing and scary. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you're standing in the middle of war, but somehow the bullets, missiles, grenades and all are not harming you. In fact, they're bouncing off of you. It takes awhile to learn to get used to the huge explosions, knowing you don't have to duck and cover anymore. I'm sure the Hebrews in their houses during the passover felt the same way we feel when we rest completely in God's grace. A little anxious at times, but free. Free to rejoice in our salvation, free to love, to do good things from an honest and good heart, not trying be good, but realizing you are the best you will ever be. You have God's own righteousness. Think of the blasphemy we commit when we strive to please God out of our own efforts.

I feel uneasy typing this, but imagine standing in front of the cross, while Jesus is hanging there, bleeding, crying, and separated from the Father, yelling at Him "It isn't enough! I have to...!"

By grace you are saved through fruit? Blasphemy. Trust and focus on Jesus alone and He will produce fruit in you. Don't even think of fruit. Rejoice in the grace and love God has for you. Don't try to pay Him back, that is the biggest insult to grace. Instead accept it, bathe in it, and let Him save and sanctify you by grace, through faith.


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Beautifully and candidly said! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and grace journey. :o)

Love in Christ,