Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just thinking

I understand this whole idea that I am righteous in Christ Jesus now. God peeled back the vale a little more today while I was dusting our living room. I realized being made righteous in Jesus is not just me being made right with God, but I am now righteous. I mean my inner being now loves righteousness. My inner being is the same of that of Jesus...I will now practice righteousness, as long as I live by the Spirit, my inner being, my true identity. I have to acknowledge the fact that my old self is now dead. So I live with the mind set on my new, true identity, in my inner self. I'm not the body anymore. I am a "spirit man". Before, I was a body, because my spirit was dead. But now I am made alive spiritually, therefore, alive to God. Now my true self desires righteousness.

But, my flesh still screams at me with it's desires..But if I am living out of the Spirit, I will not have my mind set on the flesh, therefore I will not pay attention to the desires of the flesh, but the desires of the spirit. Because now, my mind is set on the things of the Spirit.

Now all I have to do is to learn to practice this, lol.

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