Monday, June 11, 2007

some clarity

I was listening to Growing in Grace podcast just now and I heard Mike Kapler talking about his experience with grace and it is very similar to what I am experiencing now, which is very encouraging.

In this particular episode, Mike mentions that since he came to grace, he doesn't pray as much as he used to, but his prayer life, and his life with God in general has much more meaning even though he doesn't pray as much as he used to.

I have been that way the past few days. It made me a little uneasy to think I had sank in my prayer life, but I find that I am much more interested in God now. When I pray, it means so much more. It feels..real. It feels genuine, rather than trying to deepen some religious commitment to make myself stronger..To make myself love God more I think. To be "good".

I'm realizing that I can get no better than I already am, spiritually. God has already given me everything in Jesus Christ. My job is to trust that. I have ceased from my works to get close to God..His Spirit is in me. There is no more war anymore...I've just been living like there was. I can't improve on anything Christ has done.

Everything has been done, all we need do now is accept it. Why are we still living like we are striving to serve God to please Him. Didn't Jesus please Him enough for us? Why are we worrying ourselves to death, trying to make Jesus number one by abstaining from tv, music, movies, etc. Why can't we be in the world but not of it? We have the ability in Jesus Christ to do all things. Loving God more and growing in your relationship doesn't come from working, but from resting. To work to do anything to improve our relationship with God is telling Jesus His sacrifice wasn't sufficient. All we need to do is bathe in His love for us, not strive to make Him number 1. We need grace, not law.


Joel Brueseke - Grace Roots said...


I'm very encouraged as I read your blog to see how grace is truly changing your life and how you're embracing a life of grace and growing in it so quickly and so deeply!

I forwarded the link to this post to Mike. We appreciate you tuning in!

Daelon said...

Awesome. It's crazy to me, a baby believer to think that I can encourage people who have been in the faith for years.

Keep the show going, I love it. You guys really clear my head whenever my mind gets fogged by doubts and insecurities.