Monday, June 11, 2007


I realize, now that I allow myself to stand in grace, (as scary as it gets sometimes) how much grace is mentioned in the Bible, yet we read books upon books about new laws, newly devised plans of disciplinary steps toward success in the life of a believer in Jesus.

What we need is huge, unfiltered, and aggressive amounts of grace. We need grace lavished and poured out in our hearts daily. Have we forgotten we still have sin problems? Where do we get the idea that by adding more and more disciplines, motivational speakers, and revivals that we will be more equipped to live a Spirit filled life? Apparently, we think we are all grown up now that we are saved and that grace is just there when we need it. HELLO, you're a sinner! Wake up and quit being afraid of grace. I say that to myself as well, because I need constant reminder of that throughout the day. If I don't have my trust set in grace, then what have I trust in? Of course, I can say I am relying on grace, but then struggle over and over again with sin, disobedience, laziness, and inconsistency and then say "Praise God, He is giving me strength to keep going!"....Give me a break. Take a load off and quit telling people that they need to bear fruit to be victorious. Bearing fruit comes from abiding in God's love and grace, then the fruit will eventually come.

I'm convinced there are loads of people who claim to love God and have this awesome Spirit led life who, when they read the Bible actually can't find anything they like about God, because from what they think, He is just telling them to obey a load of commands and then commanding them to love that life.

I scare myself typing those words, but I believe it to be the truth. I have read the gospel without grace and I have a hard time even liking Jesus, let alone loving Him enough to take up my cross daily. But when I rest in grace, I am able to see that His commands come from an abiding relationship with Him. So, what I'm saying is that maybe we don't live by commands, (trying harder) but we live by the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. We abide in His grace and love and His life starts slowly growing out of us, like fruit from a tree. So quit focusing on sin and obedience and focus on God's grace. Focus on the fact that you're nothing and deserve nothing. Don't even focus on good works or bearing fruit. Simply focus on Jesus Christ and His grace freely given to you. Only then will you be able to genuinely love Him and appreciate Him.

We love Him because He first loved us, not because we try harder to love Him, but because we rest in His love for us.

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