Monday, June 25, 2007


I was tagged by Joel to list 5 things I dig about Jesus.

I don't at this time have 5 others to tag, but I will definitely list 5 things I dig about Jesus.

1. He doesn't expect me to be perfect
2. He loves the ugly people. The everyday men and women you would see at a local bar.
3. He loved me and gave Himself for me
4. He offers Himself freely, without cost
5. He came to our level rather than having us try and reach the unreachable level of His own glory.


Joel Brueseke - Grace Roots said...


Thanks for taking part in this! I am very blessed by what you have shared here. I was listening to a song by Petra earlier today - a song that is about 12 years old - and I think it really goes along with what you've shared here. I'm going to post a links to the lyrics on my blog.

Anne said...

dear matthew, I have come to your blog from joels a while ago and have read all of it. I have been a christian for a long time and have been confused by so many different doctrines and have been fearful and insecure for way too long.To be able to rest in grace and the work Jesus has done is great freedom, it is hard to unlearn so much legalism (being a shy introvert doesn't help). Matthew,I just want to say how much your openness and honesty has helped me see i am not alone in so much a struggle make me smile and cry and are a blessing...Anne

Daelon said...

Anne, this is exactly why I want to be open, so that people will see me and realize they are not just rejected, weak and insincere. People are great hero's in the faith by admitting their problems to others. And by admitting the seemingly endless amount of problems we have, we magnify Christ's glory in bearing our problems and sins and keeping us blameless in His sight by His abundance of grace and love.

I'm so glad you were encouraged by what I write. You blessed me so much by letting me know you've been encouraged by reading what I write.