Monday, June 4, 2007

Understanding Grace

I feel like God has just revealed Himself to me. Jesus is not religion..I understand it more. Jesus is for sinners. He is looking for sinners to come to Him so He can love them and be merciful to them. Even while I type these words, I know some people (yes, even "Christians) who, if they were to read it, still wouldn't get it. Jesus is for sinners. He knows they are evil and sinful from the heart, but He doesn't care. He came to give them not a perfect life, but truth, grace, love and freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from religion. Freedom to love anyone no matter how much they hate God. He is looking for people to give His kingdom to. Jesus said tax collectors and sinners get into heaven before religious people do. It was for freedom that Christ set us free..and how wonderful it is when you are able to realize it. Seek and you will find. I told Jesus this morning I wanted to understand grace, that I was tired of being good because of pride..There are things in me I can't deny. Sinful things. They are there..rather than throwing them in the closet, I need to bring it out so I can be healed. I need to confess I am indeed a sinner. I don't just sin, I am a sinner at the core. My being is sinful. But God came to save us from that and to give us His love. His love freely. Totally and completely without cost He says. He will "lavish His love on you". Simply because He wants to..not because you make Him happy by what you do, but because it makes Him happy to make you happy. Love brings everything into harmony. Love keeps things revolving.

Jesus is not some push over, nor is He a religious tyrant. Nor does He care how many sins you have committed. Sin isn't the issue anymore. He wants you for Himself. He doesn't want your good deeds or your morals. He wants you. Geez, I wish I could understand this more. His love is amazingly reckless. He doesn't care who He loves, since His being is love. It pleases Him to love without measure or limit. He wants you to receive His love for you so bad, He died to make it possible. It's really simple. Religion needs to die..I despise how it's been programmed into my head from childhood. It puts you in bondage and causes fear. I don't understand everything Jesus said, but I do understand that He died on a cross and raised Himself from the dead and anyone who trusts in Him will not be condemned. They will also have life abundantly. But people will hate you because you're dangerous to them. People hated Jesus because He was willing to love the people everyone else hated and He gave love to anyone who would receive it.

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