Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was pretty good, besides the fact I keep dreaming about a person I used to know, trying to get in touch with them. It really messes up my whole day.

I am on the PC a lot lately since I surrendered to grace. I guess it's ok, because all I do is check out blogs, trying to learn more about this new Christ-centered world I'm living in. Honestly, grace hurts. It doesn't allow me to punish myself with guilt, beating myself up. I want so much to punish myself by worrying or something, because I keep messing up a million times in the day. But God is here...annoying, and beautiful as He is, suffocating sin with His grace.

I feel like taking a nap right now. Hopefully Ronnie and I hang out later tonight.

But right now, I want to lay down for a bit. =)

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